YoC MaT SU, short for "You Can't Make This S#!% Up", is an acronym intended to help one express astonishing disbelief in something.

We've all experienced those moments when you just can't seem to put your disbelief and/or frustration into words. It is in these moments when
"YoC MaT SU!" really helps out.

This website is dedicated to putting a face on YoC MaT SU and to providing a place where you can come and share your own YoC MaT SU moment.

* yocmatsu.com is currently under renovation, so not all features may be avaliable yet *

The Narratives section of this site is the place where you get
to share your own YoC MaT SU experience. We encourage that you share original stories/pictures/videos. It makes it more fun for everyone!
(No one likes overly-recycled internet content)

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